November 2014
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Meditation May Be The Answer To Your Anxiety Symptoms

Do you face the burden of persistent anxiety? Are you at wit’s end, losing sleep and finding it hard to enjoy the simple pleasures in life? If medication is your last resort for tackling this beast, consider meditation. The magic of deep thought can give you a serenity beyond belief. Whether you choose to sign [...]

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Use A Journal To Manage Your Anxiety Levels

Anxiety can have a major effect on your daily life, and it can grow over time if it isn’t dealt with. One way you can seek to control your anxiety is through using a journal. Many people experience anxiety relief through journaling because it provides an outlet for their negative feelings. A journal can contain [...]

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Is Your Diet Contributing To Your Anxiety Symptoms

It is estimated that nearly seven million people in America suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. There are a number of things that can contribute to anxiety, including diet. Caffeine-containing foods and beverages are some of the foods that can trigger or worsen anxiety. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and sodas. It acts as [...]

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Could You Be Suffering From Anxiety

Do you find yourself worrying all of the time? Is anxiety keeping you up at night? Are you fearful for no reason, especially when it comes to issues that are beyond your control? You are not alone. Like many others, anxiety could be a major roadblock that is keeping you from enjoying life. Everyone faces [...]

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How To Overcome Your Anxiety Today

Have you been feeling anxious lately? Although it’s common to feel anxious sometimes, there are times when anxiety can be excessive. If you’d like to learn how to overcome your anxiety today, here are some tips to consider: Breathe: it’s important to take a deep breath from time to time. Everyone tends to live a [...]

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